Stone Walling is Abuse

I hate communicating with people. Most of them. A lot of them. Because I cannot speak to them. They literally have some kind of inbuilt wall, that has perhaps been ingrained in them since a child. Maybe it is a ‘defence’ mechanism, maybe it is a ‘reward’ mechanism, or maybe it is simply because they are ignorant or arrogant.

I honestly don’t know.

People want to say their piece, and then shut down. Stonewalling. People do not speak to listen, they speak to speak. People speak over me, people don’t listen to me properly, I explain myself, or say something, and they take it their own way… I’m left sitting there like, LISTEN TO WHAT I AM ACTUALLY SAYING. It’s not difficult!!!! Well, maybe it is. It seems to be?

What is Stonewalling?

Aggressive Stonewalling – silence, cold shoulder, and emotional isolation is used to gain leverage or power. This is a common tactic used to gain more control and dominance in a relationship, or situation.

Defensive Stonewalling – conflict seems overwhelming. Stonewallers shut it out (stonewall) or crush it with aggression.

I have been the victim of extreme stonewalling when my father abandoned me, age 15. I do not do it to people. I see people do it to others – all of the time. Most people do not know how to properly communicate.

I do not mix my words. I say exactly what I mean. Most of the time anyway, unless I am upset or angry, depressed etc…as everyone does. If someone doesn’t understand exactly what I mean, then I am more than capable of explaining in another way, and another and another way.
What I am not capable of is accepting people’s twisted version of my words that suits their own agenda, ignorance or arrogance.

Communication can be so much easier if people actually LISTENED. But most people don’t. Most people that I have met, do not know how to properly engage and connect with others. Or, they can’t be bothered -?


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