Dear Stigmatising World

Dear stigmatising World, 

There’s a kindness in my eyes,
hidden between the lines,
drawn from painful nights, 
of the sorrows that I’ve cried. 
My heart forever sighs,
as my mouth says – ‘I’m fine‘ 
And the adversaries inside, 
become a joyride… 
(and not the good kind) 
My life’s a roller coaster,
as the pain repeats over,  
And I get a little closer, 
to that edge… 
But once again, (again and again…) 
I find my strength.
I lift my head from the pillow, 
and get out of bed. 
And there I stand. 
Here I am. 
Once again…

cPTSD, and me


                                Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 17.51.16


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