I am Depression

I am Depression

It is my duty to release your pain
Don’t be afraid as they utter my name
Don’t turn away with your head hung in shame
For I do not care to discriminate 

Give yourself over and I’ll set you Free
Release your grip and give unto me
For I can show you what you cannot see
Allow my darkness to come, and just be

I’ll make you confront all that you can’t face
I’ll break you to nothing, back down to your base
For only then can our battle take place place
I want you to win, we both know the stakes

You’ll feel like you’re mad, you’re going insane
As I start to take root, begin to invade
I’ll take your being, your very grain
And crush it over and over again

You’ll fall, You’ll Cry, Break-down, want to die
Almost lose yourself as I spin my lies
I’ll deceive to retrieve you, open your eyes
But endure my message, I promise that I 

Reveal all in time, and you’ll come to know
My purpose, the detailing of my show
My knowledge, my Will, my Strength and Y
Then I’ll see you closing those painful doors

And as you go forth in your Victory
The long road ahead, to Recovery
Maybe now you can even get some Peace
And I can leave, done are my duties

I am Depression, so misunderstood
I don’t come to do harm, my intentions are good
My lessons are harsh, they’re cruel and severe
But you called and I came to
 release your fears



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