Emotional Triggers

What is an Emotional Trigger?

An Emotional Trigger is a response to a person, situation, event etc, that provokes a strong emotional reaction. A trigger sets off an Emotional Flashback of past trauma. Often we are not self-aware when we are triggered.

My Identified Emotional Triggers

  1. Unclear communications.
  2. False communications. Dishonesty.
  3. Not being listen to / heard.
  4. Stonewalling.
  5. Not being understood.
  6. Feeling inadequate.
  7. Feeling judged.
  8. Feeling ridiculed.
  9. Being put down.
  10. Failure.
  11. Confusion. Not being clear on something.
  12. Social situations.
  13. Authorities and meetings / dealings with people of authority.
  14. Bad Memories.

I will add to this list as I realise other triggers, bound to be more.

As PTSD never quite goes away, I am going to have to learn to avoid triggers. Not easy when you have a list like that! I never knew about triggers until last year. I was just rolling with life, looping between feeling strong and depressed. Wondering if I was going crazy. Not understanding what was happening to me inside my head. Looping over and over past traumas. Now I understand triggers. Now I understand Emotional Flashbacks. Now I know when to speak to people and ask for help. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. Hopefully with time the weaknesses will decrease and the strengths will increase. I feel at the moment that I am stuck in a bit of a limbo. I am learning about my mental health, but at the same time it still bewilders me because I recognise now that I am not in control, but in a different way. Before, I was just ‘out of control’ and felt ‘crazy’. Now, I am seeing patterns, processes, triggers. So I am having to learn to live my life in a different way. I am on an emotional roller coaster at the moment. Tearful, worn out. I know this loop well. Except this time it’s different. Before, I knew it would end and I would feel stronger. Now, I know it needs managing. It will still end, but now I am consciously aware of what’s going on inside my head. I will feel a different stronger. I don’t feel strong yet. But I feel different.

One step at a time.

I begin an Anxiety Management group soon. That is the first step.


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