My Positives

OK, for the Thought Swapping / Substitution, mindfulness technique to work, I thought that I’d best have a list of all of the positive aspects about myself. To remind me when I am feeling less than inspired.

What is Positive about me? 

  1. I practise honesty.
  2. I have integrity.
  3. I practise loyalty.
  4. I practise kindness.
  5. I am caring.
  6. I am empathetic and compassionate.
  7. I am thoughtful.
  8. I am generous.
  9. I love deeply.
  10. I am talented in music.
  11. I am skilled through training.
  12. I have studied up to Level 5.
  13. I am a great writer.
  14. I am creative.
  15. I am a great mother.
  16. I am close to my daughter.
  17. I have very good friends that love me for who I am.
  18. I have family that loves me for who I am.
  19. Children adore me.
  20. I am an animal lover.
  21. I am strong and resilient.
  22. I am intelligent and wise.
  23. I am intuitive.
  24. I am courageous.
  25. I am well-mannered.
  26. I have a good sense of humour.
  27. I am not materialistic.



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