Shitty friends UPDATE

New developments.

So, I emailed my blog post ‘Shitty Friends’ to shitty Friend 2 yesterday. I told him that I wanted him to know how he had made me feel, as he obviously did not grasp it. Texting me and ringing me carrying on as before! I am not being walked all over and treated like that, and then just falling back into the ‘friend’ role.

Friend 2 forwarded the blog post to Friend 4. I know this because of the torrent of abuse that I have received from her last night. Her abuse was disgusting but it hasn’t fazed me, I deleted pretty much all of it without even reading it. It didn’t matter to me because she doesn’t matter to me, anymore.

Friend 2, I have not heard from.

Randomly also on the same day, Friend 3 sent me his new phone number –  ‘my new number’ is all that the text said. I had deleted his number, I had deleted them all. I wondered if he had read the blog post too. I replied and also sent him the blog post and said that I also wanted him to know how he had made me feel.

Friend 3 read ‘Shitty Friends’ and then phoned me. We spoke on the phone for half an hour. He was sorry to have made me feel that way and I was sorry to have to say those things, but I had to he honest. He respected that. I respected his response. I can now understand his actions and situation. He can now understand my reactions.

Friend 3 is no longer on the shitty friends list!

People make mistakes, talk it out honestly and properly, and move on.

The decent humans out there talk it out honestly and we move on. The shallow and weak humans out there stonewall and throw abuse. I realise now, that many people are weak. I am strong. Stronger than I know. Weak people find it difficult to deal with strong people. Weak people attract weak people, strong people attract strong people. I do not have many people around me, and that’s ok. Being strong and having standards makes for a small circle nowadays. And that is NOT a bad thing.

I am even questioning whether I have a personality disorder at the moment, or if it is the  world that has the personality disorder…?! 


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